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“OLIVER GOLDSMITH”, eyewear brand founded by Philip Oliver Goldsmith in 1926, has in recent years kept on presenting the eyewear so as to get closer to contemporary life style as well, by way of putting emphasis upon excavation, verification of the past products, and its updating.
“OG x OLIVER GOLDSMITH” is the new line toward a big milestone of the 100th anniversary of the brand.


The brand has been inherited from Philip, the first generation, Charles, the second, Andrew and Ray, the third, down to Nick and Clare, the fourth generation now.

The new line “OG x OLIVER GOLDSMITH” is challenging a new attempt, while inheriting the archive line in the past. Many people may imagine first of all the thick acetate flame with sharp cutting in 50’s and 60’s. “OG x OLIVER GOLDSMITH” is developed mainly around titanium frame, while incorporating contemporary peculiar elements, subliming into a product that makes you feel nostalgic in modernity.


Its design, aesthetic sense cultivated by OLIVER GOLDSMITH over the years, has been sublimed to details and three-dimensional modern shape was born. You can also reconfirm the appeal as “product with functionality” essentially possessed by eyewear.

Plating and acetate coloring are inspired by painting and leather seat of British vintage cars in the 50s and 60s. The unique parts such as rim, temple, titanium pad etc., are developed up to the details, pursuing originality to give an appearance that feels goodness of handwork. All manufacture is made in Japan. We aim to establish positioning in the market as a high-quality optical brand.